Cans, Cans, Cans!



Solar Plexus

Our flagship Double IPA featuring a medium body, a hazy yellow glow, and juicy hop notes through and through. Sometimes refered to as a "juice bomb," Solar Plexus offers flavors and aromas of ripe mango, candied orange, and grapefruit are found from first smell through to the last sip.


Invisible Creatures

Affectionately known as our “little brother” to Solar Plexus. This New England Pale Ale has a light to medium body, hazy gold in appearance and features soft passion fruit and floral notes. Designed to drink like an IPA with less of a kick.



Our Newest IPA in the line up, features a slightly hazy, bright orange color, and medium body. Reminiscent of a West Coast IPA with a little bitterness up front with a delightful balance of fruit and resin.



Our take on an American Classic. Maize-A-Faire is easy drinking, light bodied and pale golden. A touch of malt and hops add soft floral note to this delicate light lager.


Joshua Norton

A winter seasonal and fan favorite of The Tap, our Joshua Norton American Imperial Stout delivers big flavors, a full body and is as dark as it can be. Chocolate, smoke, and molasses dominate this rich, boozy stout.


Intergalactic Acid

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Our American Dark Lager with a light to medium body and dark brown, almost black in color. Roasted wheat malts create a biscuit backbone and subtle coffee notes. Balancing it with hops adds a layer of slight floral aromatics. Clean, crisp flavors make for a refreshing lighter dark beer.



Apple Graffiti

Limited Release, in collaboration with Saintly Cider, this hybrid fermentation of cider and beer takes on flavors of apple, pear and tropical fruit.